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What is CAD for doctors?

After extensive research and end-user consultations, we have come up with a cloud based assistant that will change the way Doctors manage their practice. It will give the doctors a leverage over others when it comes to managing patients, clinics, staff as well as making referrals to laboratories or other doctors.

How will it help doctors?

CAD assist will provide Doctors access to their patients database like patients past history health records, and tests performed etc. thus giving them a better understanding of their patients so as to treat them better.
They will also be able to manage their time better with the time and date scheduler that has been incorporated, thus highly useful for clinics and other private practices. CADassist takes care of all the trouble and stress that comes in running a clinic and the best thing is, it comes for free. An Assistant for free?? Yes. All you got to do is register with us.

How will it help patients?

Patients will have the opportunity to do hassle free spot registrations and appointment bookings. They can be referred fpr a test of recommended by a doctor then and there itself and the rest will be taken care of by us. Doctors can have access to their past records and complete health details as required.

Multiple Practice location

Easily manage your practice at multiple clinics or hospital, with our Schedule Management system. It enables bookings for provider as per your schedule in different clinics, thus effective ensuring.

Assistant Management

Add user assistants swifly to help manage your practice at multiple locations. Assign roles and usage rights to your accounts, as per your requirement.


Appointment booking and Management

CAD for Doctors brings to you a robust Schedule Management system, which will eliminate the hassies of managing your appointment at different clinics Today's Appointment.

Referal Management

It provides an easy way to refer your patients to CAD-labs for pathology tests and lets you focus on patient care. You can now easily monitor your reenues from laboratory operations.

Profile Management

Update and modify your consultation locations, fees, awards and recoginitions with ease. Keep your patient updated with developments in your professional life.

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